Roots A Grassroots Network of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture


The Roots program represents a nationwide network of volunteer activists who believe that humans and nature are the result of intelligent design and who desire to raise awareness of this life-changing understanding in their local communities. Typical activists include parents & educators, pastors & lay leaders, youth & campus ministry leaders, and more. 

Organized by staff at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, the Roots program seeks to provide resources, training, speakers, and networking opportunities for this network of activists. In addition, activists are encouraged to create their own resources and organize their own events, fueling a grassroots movement in support of intelligent design.

Why “Roots”?

As you may have gathered, the name Roots calls to mind the phrase grassroots movement, where collective action at the local level affects change at the national or international level. But there’s also much more to it than that… 

At the Center for Science & Culture, we believe that a singular question lies at the root of many of science’s most fundamental inquiries and society’s grandest battles — the question of design or chance … mind or matter … purpose or futility. Is life the product of a mindless evolution of matter and energy or the product of an Intelligent Designer? If the former, what provides the foundation for culture and ethics other than survival of the fittest? If the latter, what can we learn about the Designer (i.e. faith) and the design (i.e. science). Together with our networks of activists, we are convinced by the evidence of design in the universe, in the origin of life, and in the uniqueness of humanity. We believe this provides a foundation for scientific advancement, technological innovation, cultural reform, and creativity of all kinds.