Roots A Grassroots Network of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture

A grassroots network of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture

The Roots program represents a worldwide network of volunteer activists who believe that humans and nature are the result of intelligent design and who desire to raise awareness of this life-changing understanding in their local communities. Typical activists include parents and educators, pastors and lay leaders, youth and campus ministry leaders, and more. Keep reading…

A Shared Mission

Do you believe that ideas have consequences? Does the materialistic, Darwinian worldview mean a bleaker future? If you think so, join together with activists around the world who are committed to promoting the scientific case for intelligent design in their local communities. Advance a culture of purpose, creativity, innovation, and — for many — even faith.

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Like-minded Communities

We invite activists to organize into local groups in order to find mutual encouragement and support in reaching their local communities. Your group may choose to meet as a book club, a campus club, a small group, or some other format. The mission is always the same, but the approach depends entirely on you.

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A Toolshed for Volunteers

Where do you do most of your cultivation? In K-12 schools or co-ops? With college and university students? In faith communities? Whatever your local communities, we offer a complete toolshed of resources on intelligent design, organized by category.

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Looking for a local scientist to speak to your class, or a headline speaker for your annual conference? Browse our speakers bureau for the perfect fit, and fill out a request form to inquire about availability.

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Determined to reach your local communities, but now sure where to begin? We invite you to join an online or in-person workshop designed to equip activists with the vision, strategies, and tools to effectively communicate design concepts to various audiences. Coming soon. 

Design Challenges

Activists each have a unique talent to contribute to the movement. Are you a writer? An artist? A teacher? An engineer? We invite you to compete in design challenges by responding to a quarterly prompt with an essay, a work of art, a lesson plan, or something else. You’ll have the opportunity to vote on your favorite submissions and then to explore the submissions for use in your own ID outreach. Coming soon.